Founder & CEO

He transitioned into the HR space managing a strong team as he helped to start up and build relate Africa organization, a center dedicated to training both corporate and business professionals in the area of life, career and relationships for over two years. He managed Denjasbri integrated services before moving on.

Joseph Ogundare is a thoroughbred professional with a natural intuitive ability and he has a great discerning spirit. very knowledgeable and meticulous…a proven go-getter and an accomplished family man. A mentor and coach to many. He is a certified life coach, certified counselor, experienced trainer, teacher, public speaker & work life advocate.

He has a degree in Philosophy and a maste r’s degree in public and international affairs from the University of Lagos amongst other certifications, workshops, seminars and trainings attended.

In the corporate world, he went from advertising, public relations and marketing where he worked for about three years as an admin staff with interpublic Nigeria limited to working for over eleven years in the telecommunication sector as a top customer service professional and leader with Globacom a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria.

As a certified trainer, life coach and relationship counselor, Joseph Ogundare works to equip professionals with emotional intelligent skills which is required to build effective workplace relationships, lead teams effectively and manage the diverse personalities normally found in the workplace. According to him, his focus on the workplace is because building the workplace has become to him a life passion and as a result he trains, manages and strategically consults for individuals, groups and organizations.

He conducts management & executive leadership trainings and coaching without ignoring the lower cadres. He opines that true success in the workplace is entirely dependent on “how well knowledge and values are transmitted from top to bottom” Because of this, “the same passion used in building the top must be applied in building the bottom”. He sits on the management board of Joedanza Integrated Services (JIS ) and Denjasbri Integrated Services (DIS).

Notable amongst the trainings he has conducted are: work-life balance/integration, effective workplace communication, effective team leadership, and management, personal effectiveness, workplace intelligence, building workplace systems, understanding your personality, emotional intelligence, customer & client services, customer experience, workplace leadership & management, ethics & etiquettes, effectiveness time management, mentorship and coaching, people centered workplace… amongst so many others.

With his experience and creat ive mindset, Joseph Ogundare helps organizations with strategic planning in the startup areas and intervention for the purpose of achieving functionalism and operational growth. Based on this, he has done a lot in helping organizations develop and grow through achieving strategies, managing change and achieving operational effectiveness.

He was a founding member, partner, coo and head Nigeria operations for Vantage Consulting and Vantage Certifications. His vision and passion for deeper impact led him to found the Blue Eagle Training Academy, where he is Chief Executive Officer, Chief Strategist and Head of Operations. He is a fellow, Chattered Institute of Leadership and Governance, USA.



He brings his over eighteen (18) years of corporate experience to his practice and with this he helps organizations simplify their process, build flexible and pragmatic workplace cultures, identify underlying work-based problems, address ineffective organizational cultures and practices-all of which can give rise to a dysfunctional system if ignored. This is done for the purpose of creating and building a friendly and productive workspace.


He is married to Mrs. Chidinma Joseph-Ogundare and the two are blessed with three glorious boys: Denzel, Jason and Brian.