Effective Negotiation and Mediation Skills Marketing, Sales and Communications3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Essential Marketing Skills for People in Sales3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
CRM: Service Delivery Dynamics3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Crucial Sales Skills and Behaviours3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Corporate Brand Interpretation for Marketers3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Marketing Communications in the New World3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Influencing and Selling to all Personality Types and Characters3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Tele-Sales Skills and Tele-Marketing Skills3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Brand Innovation and Product Management3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Effective Persuasion and Influencing Skills3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers3 - 5 DaysBOOK NOW
The pathway for 21st Century Marketing5 - 7 DaysBOOK NOW
Measuring and Managing Marketing Performance5 - 7 DaysBOOK NOW
Developing and Implementing a Marketing Plan5 - 7 DaysBOOK NOW

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