Workplace Intelligence: A Compass for Career Success


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This book provides direction for one to be effective in the workplace and successfully climb the ladder of success.

Upon starting a new role, there is every tendency to become laid back and lose the initial tenacity and motivation to work as time progresses. People tend to focus on routine tasks yet wonder why they get passed over during promotions



Given the higher competition and constantly changing demands in today’s workplace, it is pertinent that one possesses a high level of workplace intelligence. This book provides direction for one to be effective in the workplace and successfully climb the ladder of success.

Upon starting a new role, there is every tendency to become laid back and lose the initial tenacity and motivation to work as time progresses. People tend to focus on routine tasks yet wonder why they get passed over during promotions.

This book,  Workplace Intelligence lay credit for the fact that to become extraordinary in the workplace, one needs to go beyond the normal call of duties for a competitive advantage. This book not only equips you with such extra aptitudes but similarly steers you towards a path of higher points of merit in the workplace by touching on topics such as being a culture fit, working with emotional intelligence and professionalism, planning your exits, self-care, wellness and wellbeing, financial management, understanding how your role contributes to the corporate objective, navigating workplace politics, managing office romance, having and forming a symbiotic relationship with your accountability partner and also finding new ways of being a problem solver and solution provider. There is a mad war for Talents out there so one of the critical skills needed in the now of work is problem-solving and a value-adding mindset.

The purpose of this book, I believe is not only to better the lot of an individual in the workplace but also to equip the individual to be better in the workplace. It is a manual that I will recommend not only for young professionals trying to navigate their ladder of career success but also for experienced professionals who need that extra little spark to put them a cut above the rest. With the evolving now of work, your technical capabilities and experience might get you the job but having workplace intelligence coupled with the right attitude will help keep your job. Joseph did a fantastic job putting together this masterpiece. This book is a must-have for everyone aiming for career success.

Stella Obialor

Senior HR Professional, Author and Personal Development Coach

4 reviews for Workplace Intelligence: A Compass for Career Success

  1. Uche Okigbo

    A great book that will naturally make a great read and impact your career in ways you cannot imagine. As someone who has been in corporate Nigeria for over twenty years with multi industry experience, I can tell you for free that to be successful in corporate Nigeria, one must be very intentional in developing themselves, building skills, developing relationships, getting involved in what is going on in the organization plus much more and these are the things this book exposes you to. This book is very important to everyone already working and for those about to start working. I wish I had one when my career started. It has my highest recommendation.

    Deputy, Head Business Development South
    PAL Pensions Limited

  2. Oluseyi ‘ Bishop’ Akinyoyenu

    It will be painful to climb the ladder of success only to get to the top and find out that you are on the wrong building.
    Joseph’s book is a pointer to many things.
    1. A lot of people work hard with very little to show for it. This book helps you to learn how to excel at work.
    2. Smart work is not enough, you need to be an all-round intelligent worker.
    3. You need people to grow, progress and move in the right direction.
    4. Have skills and make those skills work for you.
    5. Educating your staff will make you and your team grow.
    6. Workplace politics is not necessarily always a bad thing.
    7. Culture is king. Understand how culture can work for you.
    You need to read this book to grow, learn and be better.

    ED/COO Oryx Africa
    MD/CEO @ 12:24 Limited
    #Making #Lives #Better

  3. Jude Chiedozie Nwauzor

    Joseph Ogundare’s new book, which he aptly titled ‘Workplace Intelligence – A Compass For Career Success,’ is a useful, well-researched, and finely balanced book, one that has been written with candour, passion and conviction. Drawing from his personal experiences over the years, and now willing to share in form of a book, and for the benefit of humanity, it is an important addition to the growing body of workplace literatures that deserve to be widely read. I have no doubt that the book will worm its way into the mainstream of scholarly discuss in ethical beheaviour, attitude, career path definition, and navigational guide by anybody who wants to excel in a workplace environment. This book will sure be relevant as a point of reference in Business schools and colleges as an important source book for study. Reading through his book, it is evident that the writer is a clear-headed thinker who is in a hurry to cause tsunamic change in people and corporate organisations. Being a philosopher who is trained to continuously challenge the status quo ante, which enables humanity to get better, Ogundare has also not claimed that his latest book is the unquestionable norm. He humbly and eloquently stated same when he said in the introductory part of the book that: “This book is not written as a formula or ‘the standard’ but as a necessary direction for you to follow, if you want to be effective in your place of work and in life. With it, develop the guide, passion, drive, knowledge, commitment, purpose, vision, mission and necessary steps to climb the ladder of success.” With this book, he served a la carte, to young professionals. Let us savour it.

    Head, Corporate Communications Department, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

  4. Oluwatoyin Puddicombe

    It is easy to think you know what to expect from a book with the title, “Workplace Intelligence”. However, I was pleasantly surprised and not a little intrigued when I read this book.

    I would describe it as a roadmap for any current or aspiring professional to navigate their way through the corporate space. If you want to know what happens in the workplace and even why, then this book is for you.

    It combines an insight of the human condition with practical strategies born of a wealth of experience being in and dealing with people in the workplace, be they subordinates, peers or superiors.

    Each chapter stands on its own as an aspect of office life, so you don’t have to read the preceding one before you understand the next one.

    This makes it easy to read and easy to digest.

    This book is wisdom for everyday living for every professional’s work life and I recommend that you grab your copy!

    Founder, Toyin Talks Talent (T3)

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