At blue Eagle Training Academy, aside from providing training and coaching programs for the growth, development and transformation of organizations and individuals, we are always ready to collaborate with you and every executive out there for the purpose of building a lasting and formidable working relationship that will build and be of great benefits to organizations and individuals. See below for how you can collaborate with us and understand the categories of people we are open to talking business with…

  • Individuals with Learning and development content that they feel individuals can read and learn from, for the purpose of organizational or personal development or both
  • Individuals who want to run training programs in collaboration with our Academy
  • Individuals who want to use our platforms for the sales of their educative, growth based contents that can develop organizations and individuals
  • Individuals who think they have what it takes to join our training faculty
  • Individuals who want to collaborate with us ( seasoned faculty members from different sectors who are members of our faculty) for exceptional learning experience and growth of their LD unit or department
  • Individuals who want to recommend us but want to get to know us before they do
  • Individuals who want to be our state partners in different parts of the country
  • Individuals who want to work as our commission Partners without any strings attached
  • Individuals who want to market our services for additional stream of income
  • Individuals with mutually beneficial ideas

Do well to fill the form below quoting the number(s) that catches your fancy and we shall get back to you.